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    The ListProc source code is distributed with the Netscape Public License. To view the NPL license as distributed with the ListProc source code click here

Click below to download the Build instructions:

The Build Instructions

It is strongly recommended that you review the ListProc 8.2 README.INSTALL prior to installing ListProc on your system.

If you plan on using the LP-Web module, you should also review the LP-Web README.INSTALL

Click below to download the appropriate ListProc source code; note that 8.2.09 is at about the beta level in general, with many sites using it in production---but your version may not be well tested yet.

8.2.09 build date 10/22/99 has changes for AIX; it should be fine for other non-Alpha systems, but they were all built with the 9/1/99 source.

8.2.10 is patched for the 64 bit only Alpha processor running Digital Unix/Tru-64 4.0; use the 8.2.09 dbm sources with it. It compiles cleanly and passes my modest test suite on Solaris 7 32 bits, but you are advised to stick to the 8.2.09 sources.

Note that you will also need to get a copy of the Sleepycat DB to complete a build. While the supplied copy below is for 8.2.09 and 8.2.10:

Berkeley DB is an open source product.
Be sure to review the Sleepy BD distribution license HERE

The CREN-LISTPROC mailing list is the primary means of technical support for ListProc on SourceForge; this discussion list is where the ListProc community shares its experience. To join the list, send an email to with the following in the message body:

subscribe cren-listproc Your-first-name Your-last-name

CREN maintains an extensive searchable archive of the CREN-ListProc discussion list. This archive is available at:


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